Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week- 2018

As per the circular No.11/09/18 dated 24/09/2018 issued by Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), NAAC has observed vigilance awareness week- 2018 29 October 2018 to 03 November 2018. Accordingly all the employees in the organization have taken e- Pledge to promote integrity, transparency and accountability in public life on 01 November 2018 at NAAC office, in this regard e-copy of pledge had been projected in the conference hall, NAAC and e-pamphlets were circulated to the employees in the organization well in advance. This program has been arranged as one of the outreach measures wherein, all the stakeholders are encouraged to prevent and combat corruption, with the theme “Eradicate Corruption – Build a New India’’, as decided by the CVC. The Certificate of Commitment from 100 employees have been enclosed for the office records.

Certificates Link1

Certificates Link2